INTERCOM > Looking for Importers in Europe for new patented Intercom

We are looking for Importers and Distributors in different countries in Europe to import and sell...

2012 Chinese Government Motorcycle Industry White Paper

According to CAAM statistics, the output and sales of the Chinese motorcycle industry (including ...

Chinese motorcycles, facts versus fiction in Brasil

I decided it was time to go to China. Watch closely and definitely understand because here in Br...

China versus India

It seems unthinkable now that it was just over a year ago that I reported on the growing influenc...


  • Rider Promotion

Research and organise opportunities to provide rider training within Spain as a base, Such training is essential to the international potential of any rider whether in circuit, enduro, trials, motocross or supermotard racing.


  • Promotion of competition and events

Advice on the promotion and organisation of sports events and competition in developing or emerging markets. Detailed and strategic planning for the organisation of regional competitions.


  • Sponsoring

Preparation of portfolio for obtaining financial and technical sponsors.