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About us

We are a dedicated team of professionals with a proven track record within the motorcycle industry.

Each team member is a highly experienced specialist within his field with provable business acumen and references.

By having staff in many different countries we are able to effectively respond to the global market and meet with the international and multicultural requirements within each sector internationally.

Our staff interaction is superb stemming from years of continuous relationship working in the same sector.


Correspondents in China, Brazil, Chile, Germany, France, England and Spain.


The promoter of this project is Aleix Julià:

  • More than 28 years of experience in the motorcycle sector.
  • Held leadership management positions in three multi-national motorcycle manufacturing companies, market leaders in each of their sector. Assumed the sale, after-sales, spare parts and launch of new vehicles.
  • Experienced as European head of after-sales for a world leading company with 3 years in England.
  • Experienced in sales management at a leading European manufacturers of after-market parts for scooters and motorcycles.
  • Experienced in the management of nationally leading motorcycles dealers in sales volume and with proven experience in the management of sales and distribution.
  • An accumulated experience of countless professional business trips both inside and outside Europe, providing a unique global international perspective of the motorcycle industry.
  • Large number of (+1000) contacts which can be fundamental to providing successful working partnerships for our customers.


Please contact us for further details.